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Get to Know Lynae! (Our Wonderful Play Therapist)

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Forging Place is a dynamic team of therapy specialists serving the River Valley area in Van Buren and Greenwood. We provide counseling in a variety of areas including: marriages, children and teens, mental health, sex, trauma, and more.


Why did you choose to become a therapist for children and adolescents? I have had the pleasure of working under some really influential play therapists early in my career. I saw the unique ways therapy could be applied in extremely fun ways to help children find healing.  What would you like the public to know about therapy for children? That parents don’t need to wait until a situation becomes big enough or too large to handle on your own. A therapist can walk with you and your child through the big and little celebrations/challenges no matter what is going on and focus on prevention vs. reaction.  What would you like to share about play therapy? Why do you practice it with your clients? Play therapy is FUN! It uses the power of play to help children promote wholeness in unique & engaging ways. It is the most successful way I’ve discovered to build trust and celebrate a persons strengths. It is where being goofy and silly is socially appropriate and lots of laughs are shared.  Is there an article, blog, or book you would recommend to parents to read about play therapy? Is there any advice you would give to parents from the viewpoint of a therapist? Therapy can be intimidating sometimes. It is my utmost desire to ensure parents and children that we stand together through the process. 

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