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The Holidays... Filled with Depression and Anxiety

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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It is that wonderful time of the year when we turn our thoughts to the holidays and the great

times we will have with friends and family. We think about the traditions we keep and the excitement of seeing those we love. While this time is great to think about it is also a time of anxiety and depression. This year has a whole other dimension with Covid taking over our world and directing our days.

Our traditions can give us a sense of belonging, peace, security in that we can count on those things being the same no matter what. We always go to this uncles house on Thanksgiving and grandmothers house on Christmas Eve. We know what is expected of us as well, such as a favorite dish everyone likes that you make and take to all the gatherings.

Social media and our social norms can leave us feeling anxious and depressed as we turn our thoughts inward. “Am I doing this right?, Does my house look decorated enough? Does the family look happy and healthy enough to post on Facebook? We have to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner exactly on Thanksgiving Day.” Keeping up with these expectations are difficult in a normal year. This year the quarantine has given us a whole new level of anxiety and depression. Here are some ideas that might help you stay healthy and balanced in this holiday season.

1. Be open to new ideas- Have dinners at different times with different people instead of one

big meal. You can keep the number of people low and actually enjoy each other's company

on a smaller scale.

2. Breathe- remember to just breath. Take a minute and take some deep breaths. Stay focused on your breathing for a couple of minutes.

3. Try new foods- Don't stress that you are not having the full on turkey dinner or Christmas

ham. Focus on spending time with others instead. Your dinner may be a take out pizza. It's


4. Use social platforms if necessary- While it is great to see each other in person, using social

media for interactions with others will work fine for now.

5. Keep your expectations real- Just because it isn't going the way you want does not mean it is a disaster. Make plans that will allow for changes.

6. Take care of yourself- Make sure you give yourself a time out when needed. Don't try to

carry the whole holiday extravaganza. Let others help. Delegate and be okay with that.

The holidays can be a stressing time but we can take these steps to help us have a great time without the fuss. It isn't about what is not going right or who didn't get the right present. It is about spending time and sharing love with one another. Those are the best presents of all.

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