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Emotional Affairs... Are They That Harmful?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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There is such a thing as an emotional affair. Many spouses become jealous and feel they cannot defend their feelings of discomfort when there is no physical contact occurring.

 Nearly half of physical affairs do begin as an intense emotional connection, or an emotional affair.  Those affairs that do not progress to a physical state still hurt and tear apart families.  Remember, intimacy encompasses more than sex.  Sharing anything intimate: bad news, good news, close proximity, drams, fears, etc. are all very personal and should be mostly reserved for your spouse.  

“Nearly half of physical affairs do begin as an intense emotional connection..."

Don’t be afraid to talk to your spouse and examine why seeking out another has happened.  Most couples claim that an emotional affair is more damaging and difficult to recover from than a physical affair.  Unless your spouse is abusive in some form or has a serious history of jealously issues, what they say makes them uncomfortable should be respected.  The effects of hurt and distrust can last for years if unprocessed.  It may be very difficult, but the earlier an emotional affair is called out, the easier its will be to save your marriage.

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