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Pornography Recovery Group Therapy

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

We get it. This isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, it might be the hardest thing you have ever done. I bet you’ve even tried before and returned to porn. I’ve worked with men for several years who struggle. Married and single, old and young, porn grips everyone. If you give an inch, it will aggressively take a mile.

I’ve thought and talked about starting this group for years. The need is strong, 80 percent of men struggle with porn and the majority of men struggle alone. However, my biggest concern is how do we actually find some individuals brave enough to sign up, show up, and participate. So here is how, I’m just going to be honest. This is going to be difficult and awkward, but wouldn’t you do what it took, if there was a good chance you could be free?

The thing that really encouraged me to take a leap and start this group was something I realized about a month ago.

You know, Jesus traveled around but was in Jerusalem countless times before his death. In Jerusalem there was a gate called Beautiful, that had to be gone through to get to the temple. We know Jesus, of all people, went to the temple. He made friends, told stories, and for those of us who are in pain, we read with hope all of the healing he performed. Crowds followed and from everything we read, it seems that Jesus had the power to heal anyone who wanted to be healed.

Fast forward just a month or two after Jesus’ death. In Acts chapter 3, the apostles, Peter and John to be specific, are going through that same gate and they see a “man who was lame from birth” where he was put there “every day.” They look at him, have a conversation and then heal him in the name of Jesus. This is the first miracle they perform. Everyone who passes this gate knows this man, they have seen him countless times. He is known to be lame sitting at his gate every day.

This is a great story. We can read on in Acts and see how this man went around telling everyone what God had done. Much conversation and teaching sparked. However, I had missed something before that isn’t highlighted in Acts. If the man had been there every day and was lame his entire life, this means Jesus walked by him every day. He walked by him and did not heal him. He knew it was not his time for healing. There was a time when that man would be ready, and his witness would be more powerful. So, after his death, through different men, he was healed. But before that, Jesus walked by this sick man who could not stand every single day.

I can’t guarantee this is your time but if you clicked this link and you are serious, perhaps this is your path to freedom. I’m sure you’ve tried before on your own or maybe even with some help. This journey is very specific and for those who are tired of the struggle, desiring to be free. We are meeting on Wednesdays at noon for an hour. The group is for married men or men over 25. If you are interested and this does not meet your schedule or demographic, email me at If there is a need outside what we have set, we can accommodate. Groups are always starting, just call and ask when the next one will start.

These groups are closed. In therapy terms this means that no one can just show up for a week here or there or come and go as they please. You will get to know the group and there will be no surprise guests. The men you meet the first week will be the only men who can attend. We are limiting the group to 7 people. The group will meet in our building, 1304 Cherry St. However, we have a separate suite that has its own entrance and is not connected to the rest of the building to ensure more privacy.

The cost is $30 a session if you do not have insurance. We accept most major insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ambetter, Aetna, Tricare, and United. If you are unsure, feel free to call your insurance company and ask what your in-network cost would be for group therapy.

Group therapy is empirically proven to be the most effective treatment. It's more powerful than one on one counseling and more effective that having a mentor or sponsor. We are following structured material that is Christian based but also very scientific, focusing on the brain and how to overcome what the brain wants to do based off addiction or impulse. Like any counseling setting, group counseling is highly confidential, anyone who discusses what is shared in group or identity of members will be asked to not come back. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable within the space provided for the work that is to be done.


I am a Van Buren native. I graduated from John Brown University in 2012. One of my favorite classes was Family Sexuality. It was the only class that taught on handling issues with sexuality and relationships in this manner. When I graduated, I noticed that sex is a thing that even most counselors will ignore in session. However, it’s not difficult counseling. It’s as if everyone wants to talk about it but doesn’t know how to start the conversation. It's complexly simple. Difficult to start, but easy to discuss once the barrier is broken. I did get to the point in working with people when I realized I needed more training, so I enrolled in the Institute of Sexual Wholeness to become certified with the American Board of Christian Sex Therapist (ABCST). Through this work I have realized the issue our silent porn epidemic and am starting this group with Rick to help in an area I believe there is little help to be found. If a person struggles with alcohol, they can find a group, have support, and are congratulated, as they should be, when they share how long they have been sober. However, someone in the 80% of men who struggle porn, cannot get any of this support, so we are making a place where you can.

Email me directly if you have questions about the group or want to sign up. Please be sure you are ready to work if you sign up for the group. We intend on working hard and getting better.

Rick Ralston will be co-leading the group. Rick Ralston is a graduate student at the University of Arkansas completing his internship for a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Rick has spent the last decade involved in men’s ministry leadership. Additionally, Rick has decades of experience leading groups with a common purpose towards shared goals. Rick has a passion for utilizing his recent educational experience with his own life experiences to help other men achieve goals impacting the quality of their lives.

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